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Solar Tint are experts at applying window tinting film to your house & office.

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House Window Tinting

House Window tinting puts the sun in it’s place to give you back those rooms to enjoy when you want.

Large windows in our homes are becoming more popular as designers create greater harmony between inside and outside spaces.
This can lead to radiant heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays, and a lack of privacy.  The greater the glass area the more potential for excessive radiant heat gain.
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Office Window tinting

Reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and unwanted glare on computer screens.

The biggest problem in controlling comfort in office-buildings is dealing with radiant heat and glare from the sun. The energy generated by the sun pours through windows and is absorbed by all it touches.

Window tinting reduces unwanted glare on computer screens and blocks 99% of UV Rays reducing fading of products and stock. Solar tint offers office window tinting films guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Privacy Window Film

Make a bold statement with privacy window films

Privacy window films offer a solution that is elegant, cost effective and versatile. Custom designs and graphics are easily achieved allowing maximum creative flexibility.
Glass partitioned offices take on a brilliant new look too, transforming into exciting and practical works of art. They provide privacy without the closed in feeling or the expense and maintenance of traditional curtains and blinds.



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